Root Canal Therapy

Toronto Dental Bonding & Fillings

Root Canal Therapy allows us to save your tooth rather than you requiring more costly procedures such as an implant or denture. The process involves creating an opening in the crown of your tooth. The pulp in the 'root canal' is then completely removed, cleaned out, shaped and smoothed. Any infected area is treated.

The canal area, once infection free is filled and sealed. As the tooth will no longer be receiving vital nutrients it will be more brittle than surrounding teeth. For this reason we create a Crown or Cap to strengthen and protect your tooth's chewing surface, especially if it was one of your back teeth. Once ready the Crown is cemented in place and 'your tooth' rather than an artificial replacement keeps its place in your smile.

The root canal may involve several visits to our office, as it's done in stages. The root canal area, once infection free, is filled and sealed.

Contact us to learn more about Root Canal Therapy and ask us if this is the right option for you. Our Dufferin Family Dental Office is located at Dufferin and Lawrence near Glencairn.