Dental Implants on Dufferin

Toronto Dental Implants

It is more appropriate to think of a missing tooth as a space where a tooth used to be. Beyond aesthetics, a tooth's purpose includes acting as a chewing surface, holding its place relative to other adjacent teeth, maintaining the bone structure where it was rooted, and many other structural and preventative roles. Without that tooth in place, surrounding teeth can shift causing gaps and making decay, bone loss and damage more likely. The area can also become more apt to periodontal disease and many other conditions.

A dental implant is a small prosthetic post that is placed into the bone of the upper or lower jaw by our Glen Park dentist. The post functions as the root portion of the lost natural tooth and serves as an anchor for the replacement tooth. Once the post has integrated, an artificial tooth is attached to fill the space that was once your missing tooth.

A dental implant often gives back a patient's confidence in their smile, as well as the ability to eat comfortably, keeping a clean, healthy oral environment. Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, no one other than you and your Glencairn dentist will see the difference.

At Brody Family Dental Office located at Dufferin and Lawrence, we restore dental implants.

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